Store management software

“Effective monitoring, simple management, fully reports”

Effective sales

Easily monitor store operations on an online platform, combined with customer information management and classification system.

Simple management

Save time and minimize the risk of taking notes with books or Excel. Ohstore helps digitize data, improve processes, solve inventory problems effectively.

Fully reports

Have you ever have problem with indicators? Cost price, selling price, inventory, sales? Ohstore handle these things simply and quickly.

Product Management

  • By item, category, and detailed properties.
  • Easily set up and manage price fluctuations.

Warehouse Management

  • Manage warehousing, inventory, delivery, cancellation, defective goods, warehouse transfer.
  • The process is efficient, rigorous and professional.

Debt control

  • Control revenue and expenditure transactions.
  • Multi payment method.

Customer management

  • Manage customer information.
  • Manage purchase and sale history.
  • Improve the quality of customer service.

Barcode Reader

  • Utility, fast, accurate and professional.


  • Intuitive, accurate, complete and customizable.
  • Help making timely handling decisions.

Setup and permissions

  • Support customizing many settings for the store.
  • Suitable for diverse industries.
  • Decentralization and information security.

Online data

  • Automatically update data wherever you are.
  • Convenience in moving or transferring equipment.


  • Support on many types of devices.
  • Flexible and easy to use.

Multi language

  • Support multiple languages: English, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese,…

Multi-branch management

  • Managing on each branch separately, independently.
  • Options can use the same product, customers across branches.

Multi-warehouse management

  • A company or a branch may use multiple warehouses.
  • Can transfer goods between warehouses conveniently.

Multi-currency management

  • Can pay in multiple currencies.
  • Support rates between currencies.

Multilingual content management

  • The same product may have different languages.
  • The same report may have different languages.

Production management

  • Manage production warehouses, production lines, production norms, production inventories.

  • Synchronize data with current online sales channels that support WooCommerce.
  • Build an online sales page for each business.
  • Connect with Ohshop’s online sales system.

AITT gives high quality products and good services to our customers

Over the last 10 years, AITT mainly focus on solution development and deployment for business, help small to mid-size enterprises who lacked the high-end tools and resources easily access to technology that empower them and help them grow.

With team made up of many young, talented and creative engineers, we always try our best to provide high quality and high value products for our customers.

Besides that, we also provide other easy to use but efficient high-tech solutions for community, to inspire people and push for creativity as part of our contribution for improving Vietnam.

Together we succeed


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